• Individually printed
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  • Made in Europe
Our seed capsules are capsules as known from the medical field - filled with seeds of your choice.Similar to the seed balls, these can be thrown over walls and obstacles onto fallow land, industrial plants and other gray places. The next time it rains or water is added, the seed pods dissolve and the seeds begin to germinate. This is how nature comes back to the city and a paradise for bees, butterflies and other useful insects is created.


Bag MaterialGlassine paper, 100% recyclable, compostable + cardboard advertising media
Bag size133×74 mm
Advertising media size105×74 mm (folded)
Seed capsules Info5 pieces in a bag, weight approx. 1 gram per capsule
Delivery time10 days
Shipping costsfree
Printing costsfree
Durability2 years, stored dry and protected from light
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Seed mix bee meadow (most popular)Alexandrine Clover, Phacelia, Blue Lupine, Sunflowers, Forage Pea, Serradella, Summer Vetch, Wild Mallow, Borage, Dill, Marigold.
  • Long-lasting flowering due to flower-rich honey plants
  • Composition meets the requirements for honey fallow
HerbsArugula, Dill, Cilantro, Cress or Parsley


AmountUnit Price
from 200 pieces73 Cent
from 500 pieces71 Cent
from 1000 pieces68 Cent
from 2500 pieces66 Cent
from 5000 pieces64 Cent
from 10.000 pieces62 Cent
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Please upload the printing file OR send us the printing file to contact@seedball-factory.comWe are also happy to create the printing file for you at a fixed price of 27 Euros. Please send us photos, logos, texts, etc. to contact@seedball-factory.com after you have placed your order.