Seedballs as green giveaway or promotional gift

Our hand-shaped Seedballs (also known as Seedbombs) are made from a sustainable seed mix, peat-free soil and natural clay. The rock-hard balls can be tossed over walls and obstacles onto brownfields, industrial sites and other gray places.

The natural clay protects the seeds from birds and other animals. The next time it rains or when water is added, the seed balls soften and the seeds begin to germinate in the peat-free soil. This is how nature comes back to the city and a paradise for bees, butterflies and other useful insects is created.

Seedballs in packaging with custom printing.

Seedballs in packaging with custom printing.

Design proposals in which your logo and text will be inserted.

You do not need your own printing data.

Seedballs in packaging without individual printing.

Seedballs, unpacked