Tulip Bulbs – With Custom Printing


Includes 7% tax
  • Individually printed
  • Delivered in ten days
  • Made in Europe
  • Available from mid-September

Flowers are the language of love and happiness. Bring joy and freshness into the lives of your customers and employees with our unique promotional gift, tulip bulbs in individual packaging. Show them how much you value their cooperation and loyalty by giving them the opportunity to grow something beautiful and sustainable.

Why tulip bulbs?

🌷 Easy care: Our tulip bulbs are particularly easy to care for and require no special expertise. With minimal attention and a little water, they will add stunning beauty to your surroundings.

🌷 Symbol of growth: Tulips stand for growth and development. By giving tulip bulbs as a gift, you express your wish for your business relationship to continue to flourish and achieve success.

🌷 Seasonal joy: Tulips are planted in autumn and unfold their full splendour in spring. In this way, the bulbs ensure that the joy lasts all year round. You can plant them indoors in pots or outdoors in the garden and your customers and staff will experience the beauty of the flowers when the time is right.

🌷Environmentally friendly: Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in the business world. Our tulip bulbs are an eco-friendly gift that emphasises a connection with nature and an appreciation for our environment.


Bag MaterialGlassine paper, 100% recyclable, compostable + cardboard advertising media
Tulip Info Must be in the ground before the first frost, flowering next spring.
Bag size133×74 mm
Advertising media size105×74 mm (folded)
Delivery time10 days
Shipping costsfree
Printing costsfree
DurabilityUse in autumn/winter
Print specificationsDOWNLOAD
Sample file for


AmountUnit Price
from 200 pieces63 Cent
from 500 pieces61 Cent
from 1.000 pieces58 Cent
from 2.500 pieces56 Cent
from 5.000 pieces54 Cent
from 10.000 pieces52 Cent

Why so cheap? Here you purchase directly from the producer.

Printing data:

Please upload the printing file OR send us the printing file to contact@seedball-factory.com

We are also happy to create the printing file for you at a fixed price of 27 Euros. Please send us photos, logos, texts, etc. to contact@seedball-factory.com after you have placed your order.




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