Fat Balls For Wild Birds


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Our handmade fat balls for wild birds are energy bombs for our wild birds, can be used anywhere and fed all year round. They consist of extremely energy-rich fat filled with wheat flour, peanuts, various seeds and dried mealworms. Optimal for nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker, house sparrow, great tit, crested tit, blue tit, tree sparrow, robin, siskin (alder siskin), starling, tail tit and many other wild birds.

The fat balls for wild birds are supplied plastic-free without netting. This is good for the environment, because there is no plastic waste. In addition, the animals can not get tangled in the net and hurt and easier to peck at the dumplings.


IngredientsAnimal fat, millet, rapeseed, flaxseed, wheat flour, peanuts, mealworms, natural colorings (Animal feed. Not for human consumption!)
Analytical components fat ballsFat (29.0%), protein (9.0%), crude fiber (0.8%), crude ash (1.0%), moisture (9.0%)
Bag MaterialGlassine paper, 100% recyclable, compostable + cardboard advertising media
Bag Size 133×74 mm
Advertising media size105×74 mm (folded)
Delivery time10 days
Shipping costsinklusive
Printing costsinklusive
Durability2 years, stored dry and protected from light
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AmountUnit Price
from 200 pieces73 Cent
from 500 pieces71 Cent
from 1.000 pieces68 Cent
from 2.500 pieces66 Cent
from 5.000 pieces64 Cent
from 10.000 pieces62 Cent

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