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Wild bird food – the perfect promotional gift for nature lovers!

In a world that is becoming increasingly hectic, it is important to enjoy the small pleasures in life. Our high-quality bird food is not only a gift, but also an invitation to integrate the beauty of nature into everyday life.

Why is our bird food the ideal promotional gift?

Responsible and sustainable: Our bird food is carefully made from high quality and sustainable ingredients. It is free from harmful additives and supports a healthy diet for feathered friends.

Environmentally friendly: The use of bird food supports local wildlife, especially birds. It is a sign of environmental protection and support for biodiversity.

Joy and relaxation: Watching birds enjoying the bird food is a source of joy and relaxation. It connects people with nature and creates moments of calm in a hectic world.


MaterialGlassine paper, 100% recyclable, compostable
ContentSunflower seeds, oats, wheat, millet. Year-round food for all wild birds (tits, robins, song thrushes, house sparrows, etc.)
Bag size 93×63 mm
Imprint size 74×52 mm
Delivery time10 days
Shipping costsEU-wide free
Printing costsfree
Durability2 years, stored dry and protected from light
UseAll year round. Food source in winter, spring and summer supports the rearing of young animals.
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