• Individually printed on the front
  • Instructions for use and contents on the back
  • Delivered in ten days
  • Made in Germany


MaterialKraft paper brown, food-safe, environmentally friendly & recyclable
Bag Size55 + 30 x 175 mm (height minus fold)
Size Advertising Print Front52×74 mm
Size Instructions Back52×74 mm
Delivery Time10 days
Shipping costsinclusive
Printing costsinclusive
UseSpring 2024
Print specificationsDOWNLOAD
Sample file for
Indesign” graphics program

Print Data:

Please upload your print file OR send us your print file after ordering to contact@seedball-factory.com

Graphic service: Optionally, our qualified graphic designer can create your print file for a fixed price of 39 euros. After ordering, please send us your photos, logos, texts etc. to seedball-factory.com You will then receive a draft for approval.