Plastic-free advertising, protect the oceans.

We take action!

Every year, around one million seabirds and hundreds of thousands of marine mammals such as seals and dolphins die from littering. They often mistake pieces of plastic for food and then starve to death with a full stomach.

Our goal is to save 1 million plastic bottles a year. This corresponds to around 100,000 kilograms less plastic waste.

How does that work?

Most cleaning products consist of 90 percent water – packaged in plastic bottles. We produce cleaning tablets with which you can make your own all-purpose cleaners for the household, bathroom and kitchen. To do this, a cleaning tablet is placed in an existing bottle and filled with water. The result is a fully-fledged all-purpose cleaner. The bottle already in the household is no longer thrown away when it is empty, but can be refilled again and again.

Our tabs

✅ save one disposable plastic bottle per use
✅ reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating the transportation of single-use plastic bottles
✅ are packaged plastic-free and vegan
✅ are manufactured in Germany

We want to save one million single-use plastic bottles per year. Help us achieve this goal. We produce the cleaning tablets in packaging with the design and logo of your company, organization or party branch. In this way, you can give your customers, business partners or voters a small gift with great sustainable benefits for our oceans and the climate. If you use our cleaning tablets as a promotional item, you will help us to save one million plastic bottles per year.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, berol 226SA, sodium sulphate, citric acid anhydrous, sodium silicate anhydrous, PEG6000, sodium benzoate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt. These ingredients are harmless to nature and are contained in many ecological cleaning agents. We produce in Berlin.

1. Fill an empty spray bottle with 500 ml tap water

2. Add tab

3. Cleaning

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Porträtfoto von Daniel Gollasch, Gründer der Seedball Factory

Hello, my name is Daniel Gollasch and I am the founder of SEEDBALL FACTORY.

I previously worked in various environmental organisations and was a research assistant in the German Bundestag for many years.

In 2016, I ran for the House of Representatives in the Berlin-Mitte constituency and won 20 per cent of the vote. During my election campaign, I distributed lots of sustainable advertising material and received an incredible number of positive responses at information stands or when ringing doorbells. In the summer, the flowers bloomed on many balconies and front gardens in my constituency – it definitely makes you memorable.

What works in Berlin also works elsewhere, so I decided to set up a shop for plastic-free and sustainable advertising materials. My team and I love to develop campaigns and we are happy if we can contribute to your success with the Seedball Factory products.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please write an e-mail to


Satisfied Customers

In the Munich local election campaign, we relied on sustainable giveaways from Seedball Factory and were not disappointed. The seed bags, seed bombs and flower bulbs in our campaign design not only arrived super-fast, but also went like hot cakes at campaign stands and doorsteps!

Georg Nitsche, Passionate political campaigner

“Sunflowers simply put you in a good mood. The best giveaway were the seed bags in my campaign design. Ordering from Seedball Factory was straightforward, my requests were implemented greatly, and everything was delivered swiftly and without a hitch. Excellent service – strongly recommended!

Margarete Bause, MdB, Green Party Germany

On “Bees’ Day”, we distributed Seedball Factory seed bags to our customers free of charge. The campaign was very well received and will be repeated this year – so that the bees in Wentorf and the surrounding area will continue to find enough food in the future!

We thank the Seedball Factory for the successful and uncomplicated cooperation as well as the quick implementation of our idea.

Antje Stapelfeldt, Schulenburg Furniture Stores

„Thanks to Seedball Factory for the quick processing and sending of the wild bee mix, which we ran out of in no time and made Saxony-Anhalt more bee-friendly!“

Rebecca Plassa, Executive Director,, Heinrich Böll Foundation


For an individual and non-binding quote, please send us a message with your desired design, quantity or budget using the form or by e-mail to